Chaiiwala BRGR.BRO HMC Halal food restaurant Evington Road Leicester LE2 1HL

Leicester lockdown extension ‘shocks’ Halal restaurant owners

Chaiiwala BRGR.BRO HMC Halal food restaurant Evington Road Leicester LE2 1HL

Halal restaurant owners in Leicester have reacted with a mixture of shock and support over the Government’s decision to extend their city’s lockdown for a further two weeks.

But Sir Peter Soulsby, the Mayor of Leicester, reportedly said he “remains sceptical” over the move insisting that his city is no different to the rest of the country.

Co-owner of popular Indian restaurant brand, Chaiiwala, who resides in Leicester, said that while the news did come as a shock “if this is what needs to be done, we will prepare to do so”.

“We are in shock like everyone else,” he told FtLion, adding: “However, our teams’ and customers’ safety is what’s most important.”

Restaurants that have managed to adapt and maintain a regular delivery and collection service appear to be in a healthier position than those who were awaiting to reopen this Saturday 4 July.

The owner of Chickano’s Peri Peri on Granby Street, Ashraf, said: “We’re lucky to have the online platforms such as Deliveroo, Uber Eats, etc., which have kept us going during these tough times.

“Unfortunately for many restaurants this isn’t an option. Hopefully they can weather the storm and come out stronger.”

Chaiiwala’s co-owner, who is also behind newly established burger restaurant BRGR.BRO on the popular stretch of Evington Road, agreed.

He said: “Thankfully, over the last couple of months our customers have been well receptive towards using delivery platforms.”

He also believes that deliveries and collections will likely be the face of the restaurant scene for some time to come.

“We believe that long after Covid-19, dine-in will be in decline,” he said, adding: “More customers will be ordering via delivery partners and taking out.”

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