Patty & Bun Halal Restaurant Burger London

Patty & Bun confirm ‘Halal’ status & announce two new sites

Patty & Bun Halal Restaurant Burger London

New London sites coming to Battersea and Canary Wharf. (credit: Patty & Bun)

London burger brand Patty & Bun haven’t just announced the opening of two new branches, but have also informed FtLion of their Halal status.

The restaurant announced that not only will a site on Northcote Road in south London’s Battersea be “coming atcha in March [sic]”, but will also be “shortly followed by Canary Wharf”.

“With December meant to be one of the busiest months of the year, which obviously turned out to be quite the opposite, aka, a massive sh*t fest… it is absolutely amazing to be starting the new year with some excitement on the horizon,” they said on social media.

As for their Halal options, then while the website states: “Beef – Available at James St ONLY. Chicken & Lamb – Available at all sites,” a spokesperson confirmed that these products “are Halal-certified or prepared in a way to make it Halal and suitable for consumption by Muslims”.

Patty & Bun take cross-contamination ‘very seriously’

FtLion has been told: “All our Halal products are prepped off site and arrive ready to cook. All the chicken and lamb products we sell at P&B are Halal. These products are sold at all our stores and will include the new stores you mention.

“The Halal beef is currently only available at our James St site. However if requested we can make Halal beef available in any store with enough notice from the customer.

“With regards to cross-contamination we take this very seriously. The only pork product we sell is bacon. Every care is made to cook this on a dedicated and separate of the grill/oven [sic]. We have very strict cross-contamination methods that apply for Halal products and allergens.”

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