Royal Nawaab Sanitising Station Covid-19

Royal Nawaab invests £80k in covid-19 sanitisation service

Royal Nawaab has introduced arguably the UK’s most elaborate sanitisation setup across its restaurants this week in an effort to ensure the safety of its customers from covid-19.

With further investments planned, the award-winning brand has thus far spent upto £80,000 to make sure that its venues “are one of the safest places to dine in the UK”.

Royal Nawaab has installed a ‘Sanitising Station’ at the entrance of both its Manchester and London restaurants which boasts a ‘Temperature Measurement Area’ as well as a ‘Sanitising Mist’ compartment.

Once a face mask has been provided and a person’s body temperature is read by the thermometry sensor for any signs of covid-19 infection, the customer is then required to step through the station’s next section to be sanitised by a fine mist.

After having filled out a ‘Track & Trace’ form, customers will be guided to their table which have all been carefully arranged to maintain the Government’s obligatory 1 metre social distancing rule within pubs and restaurants.

Royal Nawaab told FtLion: “The total cost to get both branches safe and ready is £80k and we are making further investments.”

Although “the losses have been huge” for the buffet specialists, they added: “We have put customer safety over profit to ensure we are one of the safest places to dine in the UK.”

With drinks and sanitised cutlery brought to the table by staff members wearing gloves and masks, customers are to follow a one way system around to the buffet where gloves and plates are handed out by waiting staff.

While shielding has also been installed both along the buffet counters and around the tables, all staff have been required to wear PPE equipment which includes double gloves, masks and visors, with food being served by the chefs.

There are also notification guidelines posted across the restaurant reminding people to maintain the 1 metre social distancing rule, avoid the touching of eyes, nose and mouth, and to “wear your mask at the food service area”.

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