Tariq Halal Butchers Stratford Shopping Mall London

‘State of the art’ Tariq Halal coming soon to east London

Tariq Halal Butchers Stratford Shopping Mall London

Credit: Tariq Halal

The store aims to provide a customer service experience that generally isn’t available or provided inside of a traditional butcher.

Tariq Halal will be using “data-driven AI and technology” to launch “a next generation” butchers store later this year in London.

The award-winning brand is looking to “provide a supermarket experience” when it opens its most ambitious store yet in Stratford Shopping Centre.

With “state of the art technology… generally not seen on this scale” in butchers across the UK, the new store “will be on a grander scale, matching the size of a supermarket inside of a mall”.

Tariq Halal Butchers Stratford Shopping Mall London

Soft opening post-Ramadan in May

By providing an open entrance and exit store front, the fully Halal butcher is aiming to streamline its customer experience with the use of self-serve kiosks, electronically-driven terminals and scales.

Tariq Halal Promises ‘Tailor-driven Experience’

Tariq Halal will also be overhauling the traditional barcode-scanning shopping experience by installing ‘touch technology’ in the form of E-shelf labels.

“With everything in the store interlinked and networked”, this new tech will also gather vital data on customer habits and opinions to help deliver what the brand calls its “tailor-driven experience”.

In addition to providing customers “the luxury of time” in using their Click and Collect service more efficiently by having the order ready for takeaway upon arrival, but in-store customers can also choose to shop at their own pace via the self-serve kiosks.

The data will allow Tariq Halal to further predict, for example, exactly the best time of day to offer set deals based on both customer spending habits and product availability.

Located in unit 47/48 of The Mall and with work already well under way, FtLion has been informed that the all-in-one convenience store is scheduled to soft open soon after Ramadan in May.

Tariq Halal
Unit 47/48, The Mall, Stratford Shopping Centre, London, E15 1XE.

T: +44 (0)20 8555 2258 | W: tariqhalalmeats.com

Opening Hours: TBC

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