Wing Wing Korean Chinatown London Halal

Wing Wing to launch third London store in Chinatown

HALAL STATUS Halal chicken • Alcohol served

Wing Wing Korean Chinatown London Halal

Credit: Wing Wing

London-based Korean crispy chicken specialists Wing Wing have revealed the location of their third London branch.

With Halal chicken being served at their stores in Hammersmith (rated 3/5 by FtLion in 2018) and Tavistock Square, this one will be on 47-49 Charing Cross Road in Chinatown.

While the brand is focused on the dining concept of ‘Chimaek’, which combines chicken and maekju (the Korean word for beer), no alcohol is used as an ingredient.

Wing Wing informed FtLion: “Our chicken is always Halal. No alcohol is used in the cooking process of any of our food items. We are just not certified because we sell alcohol.”

Spanning 2,500 sq ft across 3 floors, the new restaurant will be their flagship store when it opens this coming Spring with full covid-safe protocols in place.

Making the announcement across their social accounts, Wing Wing said: “We couldn’t contain ourselves any longer so we got the kid to draft up what’s to be! Say hello to our 3rd!! AND flagship store opening this Spring, Leicester Square Chinatown London.”

The Managing Director of Wing Wing, Carl Kjellqvist, said: “Wing Wing brings two Korean institutions together – food and music. Our signature, hand-glazed crispy chicken has been incredibly popular since we started in London a few years ago, and we cannot wait to open the flagship restaurant in Chinatown, in the heart of cosmopolitan London and the ideal place to have a flagship for any East Asian brand.”

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