They are also working towards opening a 'dark kitchen' called The Meat House Express.

Halal food scene in the area has boomed quite a bit in the last few years.

Sister-charities Splash and Neighbours In Poplar help deprived in Tower Hamlets.

The NHS doctor combines her love of food and knowledge of Gastroenterology.

What's more, it's a fully Halal Japanese pop-up which makes this place a rarity.

That's two new sites in the city centre and plenty of Halal chicken.

Its Executive Chef Dayashankar Sharma was also behind Grand Trunk Road.

They claim to be "the fastest growing pizza company in the UK".

Luxuriously refurbished & refitted restaurant serving Indo-Pak and Bangladeshi dishes.

Afelia's Kitchen, Anisa, Halal Chronicles, Hungry For Goodies, & Modern Pakistani Cook House.