Aid Convoy aims to raise £50k for ‘Iftar in Syria’ campaign

Credit: Aid Convoy

A London charity is aiming to raise £50,000 as part of its ‘Iftar in Syria‘ campaign to “feed the fasting” in war-torn Syria “with a warm meal”.

Aid Convoy is a volunteer-run “non-profit and non-governmental organisation” which has so far raised just over £3,000.

The donations will help “provide hot meals for the fasting” with the aim of serving 12,500 iftars “in the heart of Syria” during the month of Ramadan.

A donation of £100 will feed 25 people per day, £40 ten people and £20 five people with one iftar and one suhur meal each that would include dates, a hot meal, desserts and drinks.

“Thirst and hunger are not the aim of fasting, yet when a mother cannot feed her children, finding food will be taking over their thoughts.

“Relieve that stress from the poor, the needy. Give them the security of food so they can focus on praying for you,” the charity’s donation page said.

Iftar at your Doorstep

Aid Convoy, previously called ‘Aid Convoy 2 Syria’, is also running an ‘Iftar at your Doorstep’ initiative where the organisation will be delivering meals to doorsteps within the Newbury Park area.

With two set menus available for two people at £25 each, 100% of the profits will go towards supporting widows and orphans in Syria.

There is also an impressive number of other dishes available, including a 5-kilo leg of lamb karahi or korma, that will be “home cooked by professional cooks”.

Orders for home delivery can be made through whatsapp, but incur a £5 fee, and will be delivered from the 22nd-24th May within a five mile radius.

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