Bullring Steakhouse Steaks Burgers Blackburn

Double decker bus Bullring Steakhouse opens in Blackburn


Bullring Steakhouse Steaks Burgers Blackburn

Credit: Bullring Steakhouse

Blackburn is about lock horns with double-decker bus-cum-restaurant Bullring Steakhouse which opens later today in Whalley Range Business Park.

Complete with decorative horns, this fully Halal eatery isn’t the first to make use of such a double-decker bus in this way with The Steak Out in Bolton being the first, followed by the Steak Bus in Birmingham, and later still by Last Stop Kebab in London last year.

With a fully Halal menu, they do a number of steaks starting with The House Special of Steak & Chips among others.

There’s Chicken Steak & Chips, Pepper Steak, Mixed Steak & Chips, the Philly Steak, a Steak ‘Egg’stream, as well as the South Asian inspired ‘The Paratha’ which comes with a choice of chicken, beef, or mixed.

Otherwise they offer a number of steak burgers which include the Lima Mix of beef and chicken steak slices, The Steak Burger with sauteed onions, and The Catalonia Burger with egg and jalapeno bombers with cheese. Or you can opt for a selection of wraps and hot dogs.

Since they open at 8am each morning, there’s breakfasts available too, such as the Bulls Jumbo comprising of paratha, omelette, hash brown, sausage, beans, fried mushrooms and tomatoes.

Bullring Steakhouse
Whalley Range Business Park, Boyle Street, Blackburn, BB1 6DG.

T: +44 (0)1254 447500 | W: @bullringsteakhouse_20

Opening Hours: Mon-Thur 08:00-22:00 | Fri-Sun 08:00-23:00

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