Ration Challenge Concern Worldwide Jonahid Miah

Jonahid takes on Ration Challenge to help refugees

Ration Challenge Concern Worldwide Jonahid Miah

Jonahid Miah aims to raise money for refugees during Ration Challenge which starts 13 September (Credit: Concern Worldwide; Jonahid Miah)

A humanitarian activist will be helping to raise money for charity by living off the same food parcel Syrian refugees receive in camps across Jordan.

Organised by Ireland’s largest humanitarian organisation Concern Worldwide, Jonahid Miah will be taking part in the Ration Challenge with the aim of raising £500.

Starting next Sunday 13th September and running for a week until the 19th, the aim of challenge is to also raise awareness of the refugee crisis across the world.

“I have the chance to really experience what the orphaned children in Syria, Yemen, and Palestine really experience daily with food, starvation and no shelter,” Jonahid told FtLion.

Having been an active humanitarian for Islamic Relief and Unicef over the past 4 years, Jonahid said that this was his “chance to change the world, to help end poverty, and to give voice to the voiceless”.

Thousands of people took part in last year’s Ration Challenge to help raise a staggering £1 million, according to Concern Worldwide.

“I would likely encourage every single one of you to join me in the Ration Challenge. This will be life changing, I promise, for us all,” Jonahid added.

To find out more about this challenge and to help Jonahid with his fundraising mission, visit: https://www.rationchallenge.org.uk/jonahid-miah.

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