The Date Project Dates4Orphans charity Muslim Ramadan Eid Islam

The Date Project returns with the Dates4Orphans campaign

The Date Project Dates4Orphans charity Muslim Ramadan Eid Islam

This year’s Dates4Orphans box comes with a My Ramadan Activity Book 2021, a Ramadan Mubarak card, and more…

The Date Project continues its noble initiative of raising vital funds for people struggling across the world with boxes of the finest Medjool dates ready to order now.

The charity group are delivering their intricately designed boxes across the UK for just £10 with each one full of ethically sourced, hand-selected dates carefully packed by a community of employed Syrian refugees from the Jordan Valley inside Jordan.

The Date Project Dates4Orphans charity Muslim Ramadan Eid Islam

100% of profits go to charity!

The Project supports the charity SKT Welfare which, while operating on a “100% donation policy”, currently operates in several countries around the world.

While the box we received was for the Dates4Orphans drive, there are other boxes available which support specific campaigns like Dates4Palestine, Dates4Syria, Dates4Rohingya, and Dates4Yemen.

SKT Welfare’s international work has involved campaigns like the ‘Springs of Hope’, where a family centre was built in 2015 allowing upto 250 Syrian orphans and widowed mothers with children to receive safe housing, food, education and counselling services.

And with 2.8 million displaced children due to the conflict within Syria, many without any means of survival other than foreign aid, now is the time to support the Dates4Orphans initiative.

With each box as beautifully and as attractively embossed as the next, these make for the perfect gift too especially considering the health benefit of these deliciously sweet and chewy Medjool dates.

As “nature’s power fruit”, not only are these specific dates able to “help maintain healthy cholesterol levels”, but also said to help “increase your energy levels”, according to a blog published on their website.

The Date Project Dates4Orphans charity Muslim Ramadan Eid Islam

A perfect gift for the family with My Ramadan Activity Book 2021

In addition, Medjool dates contain antioxidants which “play a vital role in eliminating bad fats and [in] minimizing the risk of the development of serious ailments, such as arteriosclerosis”.

What’s more, they are also “rich in manganese, copper, and magnesium” which “are required when it comes to keeping our bones healthy, and preventing conditions such as osteoporosis”.

As such, not only will purchasing this extraordinary super food help with your diet, particularly during the fasting month of Ramadan starting in April, but more importantly serve as ongoing charity (Sadaqah Jaariyah).

You can purchase a Dates4Orphans box, or any of the aforementioned campaign boxes, from The Date Project’s website

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