Halal Seven Dials Market Kerb London Covent Garden

Halal at new Seven Dials Market by Kerb in Covent Garden

Halal Seven Dials Market Kerb London Covent Garden

Credit: Seven Dials Market/ Kerb

The good news (if you haven’t heard already) is that street food giants Kerb are ready to launch Seven Dials Market tomorrow morning.

The sad news is that while there’s not a single food trader that’s confirmed with us a fully Halal status, there are a few out of the total of 25 who are Halal-friendly.

Having taken over the historic building of Thomas Neal Warehouse on Earlham Street in Covent Garden, which was used as storage space for bananas and cucumbers back in the 19th century, this will be Kerb’s first permanent, indoor market and sixth overall in London.

This huge 24,000 sq. ft, multi-storey arcadia will have a novel electric pink elevator for ease of access, and will be divided into two sections: Cucumber Lane, which will showcase London-based produce; and Banana Warehouse, which will house street food traders and new restaurants.

With the market open seven days a week from 11am-11pm on Monday-Satursday and until 10:30pm on Sundays, here are the food vendors that have confirmed their Halal status with us.

El Polotte Seven Dials Market Halal Covent Garden London

Credit: El Polotte

Yes [all chicken is Halal]. For allergens I recommend you ask a team member at the counter because menu change.

Although El Pollote is a chicken-oriented trader, and the only one that’s confirmed having sourced Halal chicken, there is the following proviso. In relation to the question: “Is alcohol used as an ingredient in any of the dishes?” They answered: “It depends on the dish. For allergens I recommend you ask a team member at the counter because menu changes.” As such, be sure to ask a member of staff regarding the use of alcohol as an ingredient.

Otherwise El Pollote, or ‘big chicken’, with its fried chicken and fresh, tangy salsas on the side, won the #kerbsbucketlist competition two years on the trot as well as the #friedchickenfightclub!

Club Mexicana Seven Dials Market Halal Covent Garden London

Credit: Club Mexicana

We are totally vegan so don’t offer any meat, but a lot of our dishes are Halal. We use beer in some of our batters, so if you would like to ensure your order is totally Halal, please tell one of our team when you are ordering, and we can make a different batter from scratch for you.

With Club Mexicana’s Mexican-inspired street food being 100% vegan, expect dishes like their BBQ Sticky ‘Ribs’ Plate, their new tacos ‘Chorizo’ and Sweet Potato with Salsa Roja, Tempeh ‘Bacon’ with Pickled Carrot and Deepfried Spring Onion and Al Pastor ‘Pork’ with Charred Pineapple, Chick-n, Waffles, Streaky ‘Bacon’ Rashers, Chilli-infused Maple Syrup.

Karaway Seven Dials Market Halal Covent Garden London

Credit: Karaway

We only have one product that has some alcohol (rum essence to be precise), that is in our apple muffin. We don’t use animal fat.

With over 150 years of combined baking experience and recipes handed down from generation to generation from the Baltics and Russia, where rye bread is a staple food, Karaway is a family-run, award-winning bakery that specialises in rye bread.

Now only have they won the Great Taste Awards over the last 5 years, (more than any other UK bakery) but this year they smashed it with 13 products being awarded, thus collecting 19 stars in total. Their Honey & Walnut cake won 3 stars – the highest award that is only given to excellent tasting foods!

Ink Seven Dials Market Halal Covent Garden London

Credit: Ink

Our menu is totally fish based at the moment. Our batter has no alcohol in it and we cook everything in vegetable oil

Ink is a street food company that specialises in calamari (watch out for their Sharing Plate) and a selection of mayos in the prettiest of pastel shades: wild garlic, smoked chilli and miso.

They’ve also informed us that “once we’re up and running, then we may look into a veggie offering”. Happy days of fishing!

Wheelcake Island Seven Dials Market Halal Covent Garden London

Credit: Wheelcake Island

We have lots of customer from Middle East too, so we avoid using any animal fat and alcohol in our product. We are 100% Halal-friendly!

Wheelcake Island brings its favourite childhood snacks from Taiwan, Wheelcakes, to the streets of London with the help of their mascot – Wheely, the humble fat frog.

If you don’t know what Wheelcakes are, then they’re soft, moist, fluffy Taiwanese pancakes with creamy fillings in a variety of flavours including adzuki bean, chocolate, matcha and vanilla custard.

Square Root Soda Seven Dials Market Halal Covent Garden London

Credit: Square Root Soda

Although Seven Dials Market will have a number of alcohol companies catering to the masses, the only alcohol-free bar is Hackney-based soft drink company Square Root Soda.

Having won the 2015 BBC Food & Farming “Best Drinks Producer” award, they’ve expanded with an ever-changing range of seasonal flavours and special non-alcoholic craft beer shandies, plus some classics and tonic waters.

Seven Dials Market
Earlham St, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9LX.

W: www.sevendialsmarket.com | E: [email protected]

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 11:00-23:00 | Sun 12:00-22:30

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