Some Halal food bloggers and influencers continue to ignore this important condition. Why?

The restaurant has confirmed Halal options with zero risk of cross-contamination.

A fine dining restaurant uniquely serving cuisines from the "Seven Sisters" of India.

Having visited during their soft opening phase, they have everything in place to make huge waves!

Having retained its one Michelin star since 2008, this place is consistency personified.

The menu is said to have been inspired by Michelin-starred chef Heston Blumenthal.

With dishes in contention for our end of year awards, what a start for this new restaurant.

A fine dining restaurant that presents small plates of Indian fusion cooking by chef Anirudh Arora.

EXCLUSIVE review of a fine dining establishment that offers Halal chicken, lamb & rabbit (yup, rabbit)!

EXCLUSIVE: If this is how good it is during its soft opening period, how good will it be in the near future?