"Gourmet grilled dishes", including pizzas, and "mouth-watering desserts" on Romford Road.

Rustically-presented burgers at the go-to burger joint in East London's Leyton.

This is their third; but where is this award-winning Turkish kebab chain looking to open its fourth?

A solid start for an ambitious restaurant which, among other things, serves Wagyu burgers.

This Indian restaurant currently caters for Halal chicken, with plenty of other options too.

After serving burgers in East London's Whitechapel for almost 3 years, they've now opened in Ilford.

Amigos will be giving away 500 free burgers at their new branch in Gants Hill this Saturday.

Mile End will soon be Teazed with "gourmet" burgers, steaks, hot dogs, breakfasts and more.

They certainly know how to cook a steak, and their lobster wasn't far behind either.