With dishes in contention for our end of year awards, what a start for this new restaurant.

Here's your chance to grab BOGOF Black Milk's freak shakes, waffles and more. Look inside for details.

That's Aroma Buffet, Chaudhry's, Khans, Nabrasa and Royal Nawaab.

Great potential here, with a couple of impressive dishes. Don't forget your 20% discount!

Two dishes here that will probably be in the running for our end of year awards.

With 60 across the Middle East and N. America, they're now in London's Kensington, Paddington & Brixton!

This is the only branch of the nine with a pork-free menu. It caters for Halal beef, chicken and duck.

Will atmosphere, fresh ingredients, and an innovative menu be enough to encourage a revisit?

With branches across the Middle East, this Lebanese restaurant is out to impress London.

The food doesn't quite match up to the superb decor and impeccable service.