'Flavours of the Levant' is what defines the fusion cooking at this elegantly cosy restaurant.

There's some merit to their claim of being the 'only authentic Thai restaurant located on Queensway Street'.

A collation of London's Halal-oriented Korean restaurants and takeaways, just for you.

Currently only the chicken is halal with kosher hot dogs. The ingredients simple. The cooking honest.

Wajahat Ali Khan reminisces on his days at Imperial University and the culinary delights of the "legendary" Bosphorus Kebabs

Hasan Ali visited Chinese noodle bar Chopstix in South Kensington - a cheap alternative to the extortionate cafes near the Natural History and Science Museums.

Masala Zone doesn't quite do it. Should be called 'Masala Free-Zone'.

If you're after quality meat, and we do mean Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y, then this is the place for it.