2021 FtLion Year in Review

#FtLion received 1,353,857 pageviews in 2021!

2021 has been a challenging year for the UK’s hospitality industry, with countless businesses still recovering from the after-effects of the global pandemic.

With 437 editorials published across our website this year, we hope that, in attracting over a million pageviews (600k users) for a third year in succession, we’ve done our bit in helping promote the Halal sector.

Our Youtube channel too continues its upward trend, having received almost 500k views, with one very popular video putting a whole new meaning to the word ‘extortionate’, namely the new opening of Nusr Et in Knightsbridge.

While the industry isn’t quite out of the woods yet, with the new Covid strain Omicron keeping people guessing over more restrictions, here’s to a brighter, healthier and safer 2022.

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Top 9 Instagram Posts (25k likes)

Feed The Lion Instagram top 9 2021

A huge thank you to each and every one of you for supporting our cause in strengthening the noble concept of Halal across the UK.

  • Ramadan again proved to be our most popular month of the year. Kudos to all those businesses who, despite the difficulties, generously put up prizes for our readers during the lockdown period. No doubt, you’ll have brought a lot of joy to all our winners.
  • Alongside Restaurant Reviews, our New Openings section draws in huge numbers each year, with restaurants opening during the month of May proving especially popular as a round-up post.
  • And it appears that the exclusive discounts we’re able to secure juxtaposed with newly opened restaurants is a recipe for success – y’all enjoy good offers!

243 New Restaurant Openings

Perhaps it might have had something to do with portions of fish and chips available for just 45p on the grand opening of Mother Hubbard’s, but this restaurant in London’s Upton Park turned out to be the highest viewed new opening editorial:

Mother Hubbard's Halal Fish & Chips London Upton Park

51 YouTube Videos Published (474k views)

Our most popular video this year was ‘Nusr-Et steakhouse opening in London’, with 25,608 views:

60 News Articles

As the UK’s premier, award-winning, Halal food news site, not only did we cover important news, ranging from the selfless charity work of so many during this difficult year, but also published a number of breaking news pieces. Being one of the first to snap some shots of the big reveal, our most popular editorial was ‘UK’s first Amazon Go to open in London Ealing this week:

45 Featured Editorials

Featured Editorials have been a central pillar of FtLion’s editorial output. Our most popular article turned out to be our comprehensive coverage of the ‘History of The Shahi Nan Kabab in Southall & the controversy‘:

The Shahi Nan Kabab Southall London Timeline History Map

25 Discount & Offers

Exclusive discounts and offers right here with Feed the Lion. The most popular being 40% off at Malaysian Bonda Kitchen in London.


17 Restaurant Reviews

While the number of Reviews conducted this year has been limited by lockdowns, of the 17 we did, Bonda Kitchen again turned out to be our most widely read:

Malaysian Dim Sum Bao Noodles Halal Restaurant Paddington London

11 Delivery & Takeaway

With delivery kitchens (virtual-, ghost-, dark kitchens), street food, and takeaways proving to be increasingly popular across the UK’s Halal culinary scene, our most widely read article was exciting new smash burger brand Burger LDN in London’s Whitechapel.

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