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Feed the Lion brings news & reviews of delivery kitchens (virtual-, ghost-, dark kitchens), street food & takeaways across the UK’s Halal culinary scene

With plenty of Halal options, this is "one of London's oldest markets dating back to 1778".

Sadly, while there isn't a fully Halal vendor, there are a few confirmed Halal-friendly ones.

And there's a staggering 18 food vendors currently catering for Halal.

With fully Halal produce and eight different recipes produced each week.

Today's the last day with delicious Turkish food available at very reasonable prices until 11pm.

And there's the opportunity of grabbing 50% off food and drink. Find out inside.

Enjoy perfectly smoked beef brisket, wagyu & HMC-certified beef short ribs like never before!

Four Halal-friendly traders, which include Nigerian and Uzbekistani cuisine, hoping to make it.

Find out what's Halal at the newly launched Boxpark Wembley.

Six food stalls are either Halal-friendly or cater for it as standard, and two that don't but can do so privately.